Years of competition a 'tremendous lucky break' for liver transplant recipient, Ancaster native Raymond Jonasson

Hamilton News | Mike Pearson

Ray Jonasson track submitted photo Raymond Jonasson, right, runs in a 2013 Canadian Masters Indoor Track and Field event.

Raymond Jonasson has less than one year to live, but considers himself one of the luckiest people alive.

Four years after receiving a liver transplant, the Ancaster native is grateful for the many milestones he’s achieved.

He’s watched his daughter Elizabeth graduate with an MBA from Fresno State University and travelled to various far away places, like a recent tour of South America.

His most impressive achievements have come on the track, where he’s racked up nine Masters Athletics medals, in various provincial and national competitions.

Four years seem like a short time in the course of a lifetime, but Jonasson, 59, appreciates every moment.

Those memories, he says, would not be possible without the gift of life given to him by an organ donor’s family.

After living with liver disease for 12 years, Jonasson was put on a transplant list in 2008. Continue reading