Aspiring model, 26, caught mystery virus on Bali holiday that killed her HEART - and now needs a transplant to survive

Daily Mail | Louise Cheer

Aspiring model Bec Craven, from Brisbane, hopes she will get an organ transplant soon after she was diagnosed with a chronic heart disease called cardiomyopathy

An aspiring model who was struck down by a mystery illness in Bali that caused her heart to fail needs an organ transplant.

Brisbane woman Bec Craven, 26, was trying to break into the modelling industry and worked as a snorkelling guide on the Gold Coast when she was treated for pneumonia three times before doctors discovered her heart was struggling to pump blood through her body.

She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy - a chronic heart disease - and was told by doctors at Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane the left side of her heart was only working at 23 per cent capacity, as opposed to 60 per cent in a healthy person.

Doctors believe Ms Craven contracted a mystery illness while she was on a Bali holiday in 2013, which led to her heart failure.

Following the diagnosis, the 26-year-old, who was living at Coolangatta at the time, had to move to Brisbane to be close to the hospital, which specialises in heart diseases, and spent the next 12 months on medication to treat the condition. Continue reading