California Philharmonic Shows Support for Ava's Heart Announces Sponsorship on World Heart Day

Pasadena Now

L–R: Ava’s Heart Foundation Chairman Of The Board James Lewis Perdue Jackson with California Philharmonic Executive Director Brandon Dobbins

It has long been recognized that music is good for your health – and heart!

And, continuing its tradition of giving back to the community, California Philharmonic has entered into a new partnership with Ava’s Heart Foundation, the only 501c3 in the United States that provides extensive support for transplant patients and their families pre-and-post lifesaving organ transplants.

Newly-appointed Executive Director of California Philharmonic, Brandon Dobbins made the announcement yesterday during the Ava’s Heart To Heart Forum which hosted members of the transplant community including transplant patients and their families, advocates and leading heart/ heart transplant doctors from UCLA to share insight, advice, first hand experiences, information about life-prolonging techniques and devices that can now help bridge a patient from waiting to transplant such as The Artificial Heart, new advances in the world of transplant and more.

“California Philharmonic is proud to partner with Ava’s Heart to do everything we can to bring the healing power of live music to patients and their families dealing with these sometimes months long recovery processes,” said Dobbins who expressed interest in collaborating with Ava’s Heart to provide concert tickets to people it helps among other ideas. “I cannot think of a more noble and more deserving organization for us to partner with.“ Continue reading