Cystic Fibrosis patient married wife at St. Joseph's before transplant, in recovery in North Dakota

ABC 15

Cystic Fibrosis patient at St. Joseph’s was in need of a second double lung transplant and got his wish to marry his wife before it was too late.

Jaken Kasper was diagnosed with CF as a child and began relying on oxygen in his mid-20s.

Kasper was going to a hospital in North Dakota where he and his then-fiancé, Kristyn Cannon, live. He was sent to St. Joseph’s in November 2012 for his first double lung transplant, a very complicated procedure usually with a long recovery period.

Nearly two years later, Kasper was sent back to Phoenix for a routine check-up when he had to be admitted back into the hospital. His body was rejecting his new set of lungs rapidly and he was fighting for his life again.

“I was disappointed,” said Kasper. “Kristyn and I were engaged and planning our wedding. So, I decided we shouldn’t wait.” Continue reading