Emotions run high as Wisconsin family meets transplant recipient of son’s heart

KHON 2 | Kathryn Larson

News/CNN) — A tragedy turns into an emotional tale of hope, honor, and the power of the human spirit.

Parents mourning the death of their teenage son had a chance to connect with him one more time, made possible by a blue and white “angel.”

The Polanco family’s 18-year-old son, nicknamed Gordo, was killed New Year’s Eve in a Shiocton, Wisconsin car crash.

But on a crisp October Sunday, the family is able to listen to their son’s heart through a stethoscope as it beats for transplant recipient Jerry Olk.

Gordo’s mother Carmen can’t believe how good it feels to hear her son beating in Jerry’s chest.

Then Gordo’s father Juan listens. “Beat’s strong,” he says. Continue reading