Ex-UNLV soccer star Keith raises funds for 6-year-old's third kidney transplant

Las Vegas Review Journal | Ron Kantowski

Kadin Hoven, 6, and Simon Keith pose for a photo at the Simon Keith Foundation golf tournament at Revere Golf Course in Henderson on Friday. COURTESY PHOTO

This is how the foundation founded by former UNLV soccer star Simon Keith describes its annual golf tournament, held Friday under idyllic conditions and scenic backdrops at Revere Golf Course in Henderson:

"A full house of drinking beer, smoking cigars, a live band and maybe some some golf if we get time."

If you add hostesses in snug referee shirts and fishnet stockings, that pretty much covers it.

But that's just the superficial part you tell your buddies stuck in an office about. At its heart, which is a good way to put it, given Simon Keith is among the world's longest surviving heart transplant recipients, is raising awareness in the Nevada Donor Network and educating organ transplant recipients.

This year it also was about a young couple from the sleepy Los Angeles suburb of Moorpark, Calif. — Shawn and Heidi Hoven, and their sons, Ian and Kadin.

The little guys are totally lovable and precocious and like to hug each other. The hugging part is something they'll probably grow out of, though I didn't tell their mom. Ian is healthy. Big brother Kadin has health issues that began the day he was born six years ago. But if you didn't know his story, or lift his shirt to see the scars, it would be hard to tell. Continue reading