Getting To The Heart Of Organ Donation

The Huffington Post Australia | Nama Winston

My sister, a doctor who treats kidney transplant patients, is a major drama queen. Sometimes she gets a phone call and has to rush to work (a la Hugh Grant in his TT behind the ambulance in About a Boy) as a kidney is potentially becoming available. Or she announces that she's speaking at an international conference on transplants, (a.k.a. going to London for a week sans kids), or has just won a competitive government grant to continue her team's research into new transplant techniques.

Yes, it's all very dramatic and important and amazing, but trust me, hearing about her meaningful contribution to society gets old really fast.

Just when I'm boasting in a family group text message about having learned to ride a scooter (think Razor, not Vespa), my sister will interrupt with a curt: "Can you please leave me off this thread, I am expecting a call about a kidney". Without even acknowledging my achievement.

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