Hospital, county officials urge Dutchess residents to give the gift of life

Mid-Hudson News

Adams: "... he was a registered organ donor"

POUGHKEEPSIE - More than 90 percent of New Yorkers support organ donation, but only 24 percent are registered donors, the lowest percentage in the nation. Hospitals and businesses in the greater New York area are banding together on October 6 with a common goal, to enroll as many as possible as organ donors.

During a presentation outside the Dutchess County administration building on Tuesday, Health Quest, county officials, a heart recipient and the mother of an organ donor, made an impassioned appeal.

Alice Ruffing lost a son recently, but finds comfort in knowing others live because of a decision he made to become a donor.

“We had absolutely no hesitation in alerting the hospital that this is what he wanted to have done, and since then, the recipient of much comfort from his decision,” Ruffing said. “It brings us daily peace to know that others are living because of him and his decision.”

Patrick Adams, of the Adams Supermarket family, knows the other side. His heart was deteriorating with apparently little time remaining. Continue reading