Kelleher tells touching story of survival from organ failure

Pontiac Daily Leader | Luke Smucker

Tony Kelleher braves the cold with his dog, Rocky.

CHENOA — Tony Kelleher has only been home for 12 days this year. The rest of the time he was sleeping in the beds of various hospitals across the state and even Phoenix, Ariz., where he received a double transplant of a liver and kidney on June 15. An unknown hero from Tucson, Ariz., gave Kelleher the second shot at life that he never thought would come and he plans on making the most of it.

“There were times I could be a real pain, but that has completely changed since all this,” Kelleher said. “I'm looking forward to spending time with family and friends, maybe getting back out on the golf course at Elks Lodge. I just really want to get back to my normal life.”

A diabetic most of his life, Kelleher's life took a turn for the worse in February of 2014, when the 50-year native of Chenoa was diagnosed with Charcot foot after a year of boots, special shoes and therapies. Continue reading