Kidney transplant is a gift between friends

The Davis Enterprise | By Anne Ternus-Bellamy

On Monday, Aug. 17, Jan Ebert entered an operating room at the UC Davis Medical Center.

Over the course of a couple of hours, surgeons removed her left kidney, sewed her back up and transplanted the kidney into Davis resident Margaret Ong, a former colleague of Ebert’s at the Sacramento Fire Department who was suffering end-stage renal failure.

Two days later, Ebert went home.

Two days after that, Ong was discharged, her life now set on a different course than it had been just weeks earlier.

Over the years Ong has seen multiple family members die from kidney disease, including her mother and two brothers. At 72, having lived a wonderful life, she wasn’t entirely sure she should ask for more — more time with her husband, Murray Levison, more time to watch her young grandchildren grow up, more time to serve the community as she has for most of her life. Continue reading