Lamar Odom UPDATE: Fans Offer To Donate Kidneys For Transplant

HNGN | Gina Masiliotti

From the start, Lamar Odom's kidneys have been of serious concern as they seem to be the organ that suffered the most damage from the overdose. All of his other organs began to improve once he woke from the coma last Friday, but his kidneys were still "shot," as HNGN previously reported. He is currently undergoing six hours of dialysis a day due to kidney failure, and because of this, there is a good chance he could need a transplant.

He underwent two emergency surgeries on Thursday, and while it is unclear what organs these procedures had to do with, his fans are preparing for the worst and offering to give up their own kidneys in order to save the former NBA star. Dozens of fans have been trying to get in touch with Odom or his wife Khloé Kardashian on social media, letting them know that they would give him their kidney if a transplant was necessary, according to TMZ. Several of the tweets even go into some personal health details as these fans give out their blood type and contact info. Continue reading