Leaving an amazing, final mark on the world

The Evening Tribune | Lynn Brennan

Thanks to receiving organ donation, and her incredible spirit, 'Zan' Argentieri continues to inspire

The lives of two families were forever changed Thursday.

One family cried tears of sorrow while others cried tears of joy as one life was lost, but others were saved through the amazing gift of organ donation.

My Facebook newsfeed was filled Thursday afternoon with the announcement that Alexandra "Zan" Argentieri — a 25-year-old Hornell woman, was on her way into the operating room to get a new set of lungs. Although I don't know her personally, tears came to my eyes and my heart swelled on hearing the news.

I have followed Zan's story from afar since the first year I was assigned to take pictures at the annual Cystic Fibrosis walk in Hornell. I have seen her in passing, always full of life with a beautiful smile on her face. Seeing her out and about, you would never guess the struggle with Cystic Fibrosis she faced on a daily basis.

Breathing in and out. Something nearly all of us take for granted. It is an automatic motion. Awake or asleep, it comes without thought. But not everyone is so lucky. Continue reading

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