Midtown Crossing Businesses Help Families in Need

WOWT | John Chiodo

Imagine fighting a life-threatening illness while you're hundreds of miles from home. It's reality for many families who travel to Omaha to be treated at area hospitals. Recently during their stay in Omaha there was a bump in the road. But the community has stepped up to help.

“From six days old until now, I can’t tell you the surgeries he’s had. I mean it has been astronomical,” said Anita Booth. Her and her grandson Daniel’s life is different than most. At just six days old, doctors discovered his intestines and colon didn't work. He developed liver cancer and had a triple organ transplant before turning one.

“Nebraska medicine has saved this little boy’s life many times over,” Booth said.

Tending to Daniel’s needs is a full time job. You can't let that get you down cause his medical needs and things you need to do it doesn't take a rest, so I don't take a rest,” she said. Continue reading