Miracle baby for couple

New Zealand Herald

Liver transplant Dad celebrates a new son.

Baby out of the blue' Arran Foster is a blessing for his parents who thought they might never have children. Photo / Kylie Cornwell

Proud Kiwi dad Dan Foster is celebrating twice being given the gift of life by his brave wife, Jen.

In September 2007, the gravely ill IT consultant was told he would not survive a year without a vital liver transplant.

Jen risked her life to save him by donating 60 per cent of her own liver in her native Scotland, where a live liver transplant had never been performed.

The 15-hour operation was a success but the newlyweds - who married in Fiji just seven months earlier - feared they would never have a family as there was a risk of passing on Dan's chronic condition to an unborn child. But after years of tests and research, they were eventually told it was safe for them to start trying for a baby. Continue reading