Babble | Alice Gomstyn

I’ve never been one to put much thought into my Halloween costumes. My most, er, interesting one to date was the Hester Prynne outfit — the fictional adulteress of The Scarlett Letter fame — I fashioned for myself in high school. (At the time, some assumed the giant “A” emblazoned on my dress stood for Alice. Sigh.)

Once I became a mother, however, any thoughts I had of dressing up for the holiday went out the window; I concentrated on my kids’ costume needs instead. I’m impressed with any parent who manages to dress both themselves and their children for trick-or-treating, parades and the like … and I’m triply impressed with California mom Kristi Ouimet: She’s put together not just a cool costume, but a costume with a cause: raising awareness for organ donation.

Ouimet and her son Matthew, 3, who received a liver and kidney transplant last year, together created a giant replica of Ouimet’s driver’s license, complete with a hole for her head. Beyond its large size, the mock license bears another striking difference from the real thing: it features the logo and website of Donate Life America, a non-profit group that promotes organ donor registries. Continue reading