Mom Paints Car in Search of Kidney Donor to Save Daughter's Life

Yahoo Parenting | via oneilljennifer
Having exhausted the options of family and friends about three years back, Karol Franks had to get creative in spreading the word about her search for a kidney donor for her daughter, Jenna Franks.

Adding to her typical outreach strategies — using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Craigslist — the Pasadena, Calif. mother recently painted a message on the back window of both her husband’s and her son’s SUV. “Daughter needs Kidney Type O,” Karol wrote on her husband’s vehicle, adding an email address for Jenna, who is on the National Waiting List for a kidney transplant and looking at a 10-year wait for a deceased donor.

“It seems like every time we get on the freeway we get responses from people,” Karol told But it wasn’t until a thoughtful stranger, Tatum Bateman, tweeted out a photo of their car last Sunday that things really took off — leading to the image being re-tweeted more than 9,100 times and prompting 25 people to get tested in hopes of donating a kidney to Jenna. Continue reading