Morgue inks tissue donation agreement

Hanford Sentinal | Seth Nidever

Kings County Chief Deputy Coroner Shawn McRae explains how the donor recovery room works at the new Coroners office on Thursday afternoon.

To some, transplanting a dead person’s cornea into a living donor’s eye might seem Halloweenish. For Kings County and Donor Network West, it’s anything but.

The two entities finalized an agreement this week that allows medical staff from Donor Network West to recover tissue from authorized donors who end up in the morgue. The network will pay the county a fee each time they use the facility.

Car crash victims, people who died in suspicious circumstances and other bodies go to the morgue for autopsies on a regular basis.

Now that Kings County staff have moved into a spacious new morgue facility with an extra examination room (the old, cramped space was in the basement of the former King County hospital on Lacey Boulevard), there is space for network staff to procure tissue from registered donors and get it to patients who need it. Continue reading