Mother raises awareness for organ donation after death of son

WBSF | Joseph Wenzel IV

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WFSB) - A mother remembers the son she lost one year ago this week, but she said she's not letting her grief stop her from fulfilling his dying wish.

Cory Garwacki passed away a year ago this week. Cory's mom Elizabeth Garwacki said he was a hero until the end.

“He was always smiling, always,” Elizabeth Garwacki said. “He appreciated life and really, I mean, really appreciated every day. He made the most out of every single day he had."

Elizabeth Garwacki held back tears while talking about her son, who was born with short gut syndrome. It’s a condition where he was missing the majority of his intestine.

Cory Garwacki was only supposed to live a few days, but he made it past his 27th birthday. Continue reading

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