My daughter’s organs gave life to three people… and made her tragedy bearable

London Evening Standard | Ross Lydall 

The mother of a young woman killed by a rogue driver today spoke about her decision to donate her daughter’s organs — transforming the lives of three chronically ill recipients.

Nicole Levy, 29, suffered a catastrophic brain injury when she was hit as she tried to cross the road in Muswell Hill on a night out with her boyfriend James Hawkins in January.

Ms Levy’s mother, Suzanne, described her as “beautiful, funny and vibrant”. She told the Standard: “The only positive that has come from the tragedy of my daughter’s death is that three people have had their lives dramatically changed for the better.

“Coping with the fact she was going to die was the hard part. Making the decision to give someone a chance to live or have a better quality of life was easy.”

Ms Levy’s liver was given to a man who had a life-threatening tumour. One of her kidneys and her pancreas was donated to a man in his thirties who was on dialysis for chronic diabetes. Her other kidney was also given to a man with chronic diabetes. Continue reading

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