National Donor Sabbath: Marcia’s Story

Gift of Life Donor Program

Archbald, PA resident, Marcia Rudat, understands organ donation and transplantation. She is both the wife of a donor and the mother of an organ transplant recipient. Because of this connection, she decided to volunteer with Gift of Life Donor Program and has become an advocate for donation – educating individuals and encouraging them to register as organ and tissue donors.

As a member of Gift of Life’s Northeast PA Coalition for Organ and Tissue Donation, Marcia is the cornerstone of change and enthusiasm for Gift of Life and its mission to save lives. Nearly 20 years ago, Marcia lost her husband, David, due to complications from Polycystic Kidney Disease. She said that David was a committed 4th grade teacher who was very active in his local church, running youth groups and serving as a layman for a year.

As a religious Lutheran woman who believes in helping others, Marcia knew that donation was the right thing to do when her husband passed away. David was able to donate his tissues and enhanced the lives of numerous others because of his and his family’s generosity. David died during Holy Week, and was buried on Good Friday. Marcia said, “I still was at church on Easter Sunday because no matter how much I was grieving, I got a lot of comfort from the word of God. I grew up going to Sunday school and going to vacation bible school, and all of those bible verses that I learned and memorized as a child came back to me after my husband died. I relied on them to get me through.” Continue reading

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