Neenah baby still smiling despite hurdles

Post Crescent | Rory Linnane

Five months after 1-year-old Tess Piasecki received a thymus tissue transplant, the organ is still not producing the T-cells her body needs to stay healthy. But when her mom came to check on her one night, she was giggling and having a conversation with the ceiling.

Since being told last year that their adopted daughter might not survive the year, and since putting high hopes in the thymus transplant, the Piaseckis are back in a position of uncertainty — in a "wait-and-see" period, as Tess' mother Mindi puts it. They're watching and waiting for T-cells, as Tess' life hangs in the balance.

After recovering from the transplant for several months in North Carolina, the Piaseckis returned Oct. 5 to their home in Neenah, where neighbors have helped them with fundraising, favors and moral support. Mark and Mindi are into their second 50-pack of thank-you cards. Continue reading