New Vienna mother hears son’s heartbeat again

Wilmington New Journal | Nathan Kraatz
Shelby LaPine cries as she listens to her son’s heartbeat inside of Bill Repp for the first time since Luke LaPine’s death in June 2014. Repp received Luke’s heart after Luke’s unexpected death. Tom LaPine, center, will soon place his head on Bill’s chest. Shelby said the heartbeat sounded like it was saying “Hi Mom, Hi Mom, Hi Mom.”

WILMINGTON — Two families became one Saturday — not through a wedding, but through the gift of life and answered prayers.

Shelby and Tom LaPine’s son, Luke, a county employee, fell off a pickup truck after being struck by a sign and later died in June of last year, when he was 19. He had graduated two weeks earlier from East Clinton High School and intended to go to college in California with the goal of becoming a Los Angeles Police Department detective.

When he first got his driver’s license, he signed up as an organ donor, a decision that would affect, and save, the lives of many people.

More than 70 of Luke’s organs have been donated to people and saved at least seven lives all over the country, but his heart went to Columbus, to a man named Bill Repp. Continue reading

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