New York falls behind in organ donors

Times Ledger | Sadef Ali Kully

Photo by Sadef Kully Michael George from Hollis received two kidney transplants and volunteers at Jamaica Medical Center Hospital with Live On New York to get more people to register for organ donors.

Live On New York sponsored its first organ enrollment day Tuesday, following the July passage of a bill in the state legislature to institute an annual organ enrollment day.

New York falls to the bottom of the list in organ donations per capita across the country. The goal of the organ enrollment day for Live On New York, the second-largest of the nation’s 58 nonprofit, federally designated organ procurement organizations, is to register as many organ donors as possible.

“We are not focusing on the numbers for donor registration,” said Dr. Amy Friedman, spokeswoman for Live On New York, who was signing up people at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. “We think it’s the mechanics of the system and the lack of awareness.”

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center partnered up with Live On New York for the event. Live On New York is responsible for the recovery of organs, eyes and tissues for transplantation, as well as public and professional education efforts in the greater New York metropolitan area. Continue reading