New York organ donation story: An Italian with a Dominican heart

Every Organ Donor

New York’s Organ Donor Enrollment Day that took place on Tuesday, the October 6th was a great success. Dozens of events happened to stimulate New Yorkers to become registered organ donors, and to reverse the unflattering stats that put New York on the last place nationally in terms of donor designation share.

One of the most touching events was publicizing the story of Dr. Anthony DiMaria, medical director at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Trump Pavilion nursing home. DiMaria is a heart recipient.

When he received a heart transplant in 2007, Dr. Anthony DiMaria hoped he would be able to contact and meet the family of the man who died before becoming his donor.

Meeting the man’s mother was especially touching.

“She just wanted to feel the heart beating,” DiMaria said. “I had my stethoscope …” Continue reading