NHS urges more blood and organ donors during Black History Month

Get West London | Salina Patel

NHS Blood and Transplant have launched a month-long campaign - 'You're Rare, Be There'

NHS Blood and Transplant are urging black people to 'Be There' by registering as donors and helping to save lives.

The call for black blood comes during Black History Month as less than 1% of active donors are from Black African, Black Caribbean, or mixed race communities.

During the month-long 'You're Rare, Be There' campaign, the NHS team is urging people across west London to become blood, organ and stem cell donors, with around 600 black people waiting for an organ transplant.

Ethnicity can often play an important part in blood transfusions, stem cell transplants and organ transplants; with conditions like sickle cell disease, a genetically inherited blood disorder, most common in the black community requiring patients to have regular blood transfusions.

Ian Trenholm, chief executive at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We really do need more black blood, organ and stem cell donors to help support black patients. Continue reading