Oklahoma Dad puts plea for kidney donor for son on pick-up truck; photo goes viral

OKC FOX | Kylen Mills

A father son bond that can't be broken Edward Shane O'Brien of Meeker says there's nothing harder than watching his son Edward Storm O'Brien deal with kidney failure.

"I've been to treatment with him before and yea it's hard to watch your kid lay there," said Shane.

Storm was born with renal failure and spent a lot of his childhood in hospitals. In 2009 he had a transplant, but that kidney started failing about 2 years ago. Now Storm has to have hours of dialysis 3 days a week.

"I don't know it's hard. I mean limited in what you can eat what you can do, activities, it just depends," said Storm.

Another agonizing wait for a donor, Shane decided to take the search into his own hands. Continue reading



Karol Franks said…
The hospital now says they have to use a related donor. so old school!