Wednesday, October 7, 2015


THe New Paper | Foo Jie Ying

Aiden Chew turns one on Thursday.

That he is still alive makes it a precious milestone.

Aiden's heart has stopped working. He is being kept alive by a machine that helps his heart to keep beating.

His condition is the result of a complication from Kawasaki Disease, which leads to inflammation of the small- and medium-sized blood vessels throughout the body.

It was a huge blow to his parents. Initially, Mrs Marie Chew, who is in her 30s, found herself thinking: "I wish it happened to someone else, not me."

Mrs Chew, who left her job in human resources last Friday to care for Aiden, said: "I have many things planned for him - childcare, enrichment classes, even enrolled him in swimming.

"I even planned when he would go for photo shoots, and all the packages are bought already."

Aiden is her only child.

"Of course I'm disappointed but compared to now with him being with us, this disappointment is nothing." Continue reading


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