Organ donation saves mother’s life

The Examiner | By Carol Herrington

Tameka Smith, center, of Anderson is given the gift of a life-saving organ transplant of a kidney and pancreas. On the left is her daughter, Azaria, and on the right, her son, Isiah.

People often say children are a gift from God. In the case of Tameka Smith of Anderson, God has given her three gifts: a 10-year-old-daughter, an 8-year-old-son and a life-saving organ transplant of a kidney and pancreas.

While for many, the date 9/11 brings to mind horrors and sadness of the terrorist attack on America, for Tameka Smith and her family, that date this year took on a day of gladness and praise. It was a day that the 32-year-old mother of two was given a second chance at life.

Smith has had diabetes since the age of 2 and has watched what she does and what she eats. In 2013, she was in nursing school at Blinn Community College when her kidneys shut down, and that year a nick from a foot paddle at a salon resulted in an infection and amputation.

During this time, she was taken off the transplant list. Lying prone and stretched on the operating table too long, Smith suffered hand and arm damages to both sides. However, she was determined to bounce back. Once cleared of infection and recovered enough to undergo a second round of tests for the transplant, Smith was back on the list. Continue reading