Organ donation: You're never too old to become registered!

NBC 15 |

MEZOMANIE, Wis. -- One man is bringing awareness to the organ donation situation in Wisconsin. When it comes to organ donations, Wisconsin has over 2,000 people on the waiting list--so Grant Kinedler is riding his bike 23 miles from Mazomanie to Madison's UW Hospital in the hopes of bringing awareness.

My main goal is to add names to the registry," said Kinedler.

Names, specially of those who are older.

"20 percent of the people over the age of 65 mistakenly believe that they're too old to be a donor. In Wisconsin that works out to be about a 160 thousand folks, who could be on the list if they knew they were wanted," said Kinedler.

In fact, Michael Anderson, the Executive Director at the UW Organ and Tissue donation says they are wanted, and that you should leave the worrying to the doctors.

"The most important part is just making your decision. Become a registered donor, and let the healthcare professions at the time of your death determine whether or not you would be a suitable donor," said Anderson. Continue reading