Organ donor effort gets boost from scanner

Greenbay Press Gazette | Nathan Phelps

It’s quick, portable and designed to help change — and save — the lives of thousands of people on organ transplant waiting lists.

Wisconsin donor advocates are using a new smartphone and tablet technology designed to quickly register potential organ, tissue and eye donors using the barcode information on driver licenses.

“It allows us to be mobile with our ability to register people,” said Joanne Grunau, president of Donate Life Wisconsin. “With this little device that attaches to any iPhone or iPad … they can instantly register the person they are talking to, or, be at a large event and register a whole bunch of people.”

At the heart of the program are mobile devices equipped with an attachment (a scanner sled) which allows users to scan the back of a driver’s license. The data is sent to a mobile application that works with the state’s online registry to fill out all the required information using scanned data from the drivers’ license. Continue reading