Organ Donors Give Lives New Beginning

Cape May County Herald | Karen Knight

From left, Joselle (daughter), Eleanor (wife), Joe Pratt, and Sarah Shippen (granddaughter) advocate for the Gift of Life Program.

COURT HOUSE - One thing that strikes when speaking to 75-year-old Joe Pratt is how young he sounds.

“That’s because I have young lungs,” he’s quick to reply.

Pratt, who lives in Marmora, suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) when he received new lungs Sept. 15, 2013. The only thing he knows about the donor is that the person was 23-years-old. “It (the transplant) is going exceptionally well,” he added.

Chis Wimberg, a 51-year-old from Cape May Point, got a new kidney July 4, 2007, and remembers seeing fireworks over the Hudson River. “I’ve felt really good since then,” said the donor recipient who suffers from AA Amyloidosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He spends a lot of time volunteering these days, appreciative of the gift of life given to him. Continue reading