Parents never knew their daughter signed the organ donor register – and in death she saved two lives

Lincolnshire Echo

Stepping back into the intensive care ward at Lincoln County Hospital brings bittersweet memories for the Davison family.

There, they said heart-breaking goodbyes to Lauren Davison, a bright and bubbly 19-year-old from Bardney, just three days after her car crashed on October 22, 2013.

She died in intensive care after she became brain damaged in the freak crash in Potterhanworth.

Yet it was on the ward that they realised Lauren would go on to save others as an organ donor.

Dad Michael Davison, 56, said: "The annoying thing was it was a totally insignificant accident.

"It wasn't a major crash, she just lost control somehow. The car rolled over on its top. It was hardly damaged. Continue reading