Precautions needed for flu season

St. Charles Herald Guide | Anna Thibodeaux

After seeing hundreds of patients with the flu last year, Dr. John “Brian” Seymour, Emergency Department Medical Director for St. Charles Parish Hospital, highly recommends reducing your risk of contracting the virus by getting a flu shot.

For those who do find themselves sick, it’s important to know when to reach out to just stay home to rest and hydrate, when to reach out to a primary care physician or when to head to the emergency room.

Because different strains of flu circulate yearly, it’s hard to predict the impact of each year’s season. But Seymour said the season is here, having seen a few patients with it already this month.

Taking precautions to fend off the nasty bug, also known as influenza, is certainly recommendable considering the discomfort it can cause.

“The biggest thing to do to prevent contracting or transmission of flu is to get the flu vaccination, as well as washing hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer, not coughing or sneezing on others and staying away from people you know are sick,” he said. “Also, it is a misconception that the flu shot can cause the flu. Getting the flu shot is important protection for you and your entire family.” Continue reading