Spanish woman donates part of her liver to save baby grandson’s life


Francisca Fuentes (left), her grandson Juan José and the baby's mother outside the Córdoba hospital where the surgery took place. / RAFA ALCAIDE (EFE)

On June 24, a nine-month-old baby from Almería received a lobe from her grandmother’s liver, in what constitutes the first such case on record in Spain since 2005.

It was the last chance of survival for Juan José, who was suffering from a liver disease that meant he had no more than six months left to live.

This is the second time that a grandmother has donated an organ to her grandchild in Spain, after a similar case in Barcelona in 2005.

You can see the happiness in the child’s face, the life in him. It’s very satisfying. If I had to do it again, I would”

Francisca Fuentes, organ donor

There have also been cases of grandfathers becoming donors for their children’s offspring, according to the National Transplant Association.

According to Catalan health authorities, the 2005 transplant was “exactly the same as the one made public at a Córdoba hospital.” Back then, doctors at Vall d’Hebron hospital took a lobe from the liver of a 43-year-old woman and inserted it into her three-year-old grandchild, said the Catalan Transplant Association (OCATT). Continue reading