Superheroes Needed to Save Lives, Costume Not Necessary


KENTUCKY (10/13/15) — As Halloween approaches, people think of scary things like witches, spiders and haunted houses, but what is actually scary is the fact that each day 22 children, men and women in America die needlessly.

As superhero capes are fitted, what Kentuckians don't realize that everyone can be a superhero all year long, costume not necessary. Simply by saying "yes" at your Circuit Clerk's office and becoming a registered organ donor.

If you or someone you loved needed a lifesaving organ transplant, it would be terrifying to receive the news that you might have to wait three-five years for your gift of life. Today 124,000 patients are on the national waiting list for their gift of life. Patients like Morgan McCalvin from Morehead. A brittle diabetic since she was 10, Morgan learned that a pancreas transplant is the only option to give her a second chance at life. More registered donors are needed to give hope to patients, like Morgan.

We know Kentuckians are the most giving and courageous people of all, but urban legends and scary misconceptions about organ donation can deter some people from saying "yes" when they get their driver's license. So grab some candy and let's clear the air: Continue reading

You have the power to SAVE Lives
We are asking you to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor today.
In California:
...Please, it is important to share your deccison with your family.