Surgeons perform first live liver transplant in Pacific Northwest

KOMO News | Molly Shen

SEATTLE -- Doctors at UW Medical Center just pulled off a life saving first for the Pacific Northwest. They transplanted a liver from a living donor.

Earlier this month, doctors removed 60% of Jamie Cuzick's liver and used it to replace Kailyn McIrvin's diseased organ. The women are lifelong neighbors in Shelton and when Kailyn needed help, Jamie stepped up, hoping to give her a better life.

"Just to be regular. Be happy," Jamie said. "And I've seen it already. She's already better than she was before."

Kailyn was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder when she was 13. The last 10 years have been spent in and out of the hospital. Her only cure was a liver transplant, but she was low on the waiting list. Jamie was willing to become the first living liver donor in the Pacific Northwest, and she was also a match. Not only do the women have the same blood type, the anatomy of the liver was right, and she was healthy enough to donate. Continue reading