These people took to the streets to raise awareness of the lack of UK organ donors

Channel 5 series The Gift Of Life, starting on Wednesday, will look at the lives of those waiting for a transplant as well as all those supporting them. 

Each week 21 people die in the UK waiting for an organ transplant, simply because there aren’t enough donors in the country.

Londoners came face to face with 21 people dressed in surgical gowns and pushing saline drips on Tuesday morning, to raise awareness of the 1,000-plus people who die each year on a waiting list.

Among them was Holly Van Geffen, who received a double lung transplant recently after waiting for two years.

There are currently 6,848 people waiting for an organ transplant, according to NHS Blood and Transplant, and a three-part series on Channel 5 called The Gift Of Life is hoping to get more people to sign up to donate organs after death. It starts on Wednesday October 21 at 10pm. Continue reading

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