Tiny Scarlett only has half a heart that's working, and time is running out to find a donor

Gazette Live | Dave Robson

Little Scarlett Hope Coleman’s smile would brighten anyone’s day - but behind it lies a tragic truth.

For if the 12-week-old Middlesbrough tot doesn’t have a heart transplant soon, she’s unlikely to live beyond a few months.

But she has the name Hope for a reason, because it what her parents cling to - the hope that a combination of a heart becoming available, and Scarlett’s own fighting spirit, will see her pull through.

And if anything sums up her situation, it’s the little vest she wears: “Half a heart, twice the fight.”

Scarlett was born by caesarian section in Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital on July 13 suffering from hypoplastic left heart syndrome with an intact atrial septum - a rare combination which means only half her heart is operating and a transplant is the only option.

Within seconds of being born, she was whisked away for surgery. Two days later, she took a turn for the worse and was put on life support to let her tiny body rest before another successful operation. Continue reading