Twins who helped change organ donation laws celebrate 40 years since their own transplant


CARMEL, Ind. -An early trick or treater was ready with a trick for her twin sister.

They're marking 40 years since a kidney transplant that made national news and changed organ donation policies.

Merrilyn Sikorski was 11 years old when doctors in Boston told her that her kidneys were too small and she did not have long to live. Her twin sister, Merrily Cundiff, wanted to donate one of hers but she had to go to court to be the first child under the age of 18 to volunteer a kidney.

"Just this morning, I was thinking about my sister, and just so thankful that she's here and that she's an amazing person," said Cundiff. "She has shown me such perseverance with things that have been very difficult in her life and joy with all of the things that she's had to deal with, and so I'm just thankful that I was able to...provide really something very simple." VIDEO, continue reading