Washington Woman Finds Unique Way to Search for a Kidney Donor for Ailing Husband

PEOPLE | Tiare Dunlap

Amy Malancioiu is driving around Duvall, Washington, in an SUV emblazoned with her personal cellphone number and a desperate plea.

"Urgent!" reads a messagein large letters on her family's car. "Please help!! Husband needs a kidney. 206-930-2517."

Amy's husband, 57-year-old Sorin Malancioiu, needs a kidney, and it could take as long as six years for him to receive one through the organ transplant waiting list as his type O blood is the most difficult to match, KOMO news reports.

Sorin suffers from an inherited disorder called Polycystic Kidney Disease, his wife explained on GoFundMe. The disease caused cysts to grow on the father of two's kidneys until they became too compromised to function and were removed in 2014.

"Just seven years ago, Sorin led a very active lifestyle," Amy wrote. "Since the surgery this past June, he has been on dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. He is exhausted, listless and in pain after each session." Continue reading