Young organ donor awarded for saving others

ABC 23 | James Johnson

There is a large shortage of organ donors in the United States and those people who are on the organ donor transplant list can be waiting anywhere from several months to years. A shocking number of patients on the waiting list die every year but you can help to change that, like one family did making the decision to help others.

15 and a half month old Lyndsey Nelson passed in 2007 after she was found unresponsive inside a pond. The Nelson family would do their best to try and save little Lyndsey but after many tests doctors would determine it was too late.

Today Lyndsey's mother, Jaime Nelson was invited by Dignity Health Mercy and Memorial hospital to speak about Lyndsey and the family’s decision to save others by donating her organs. She was able to donate her liver, her kidneys, and two heart valves; saving four other people lives.

Jaime says sharing Lyndsey's story has helped a lot and at the same time sharing with other families the importance of becoming an organ donor. Continue reading VIDEO