8-year-old girl undergoes triple organ transplant


PITTSBURGH — An 8-year-old girl will undergo a triple organ transplant Wednesday.

Kyree Beachem went into surgery early Wednesday morning. The procedure is expected to last about 10 hours.

“I’m waiting for a liver, small bowel and pancreas,” Kyree told WPXI over the summer.

Nan Beachem, Kyree's adoptive mother, said her daughter’s condition was worsening and she was moved up higher on the waiting list.

“Within the past several months, things have greatly changed for Kyree, and it’s become a lot more desperate than it had been,” Beachem said.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Kyree had a small intestine transplant in January 2010. Her body rejected the organ less than two weeks later. VIDEO, continue reading