A Father’s Sacrifice: Singaporean Father Donates Liver To Sick 22-Month-Old Son

Morning Ledger | Regina Inonog

Jeremy Guo was born with biliary atresia, a condition where the bile ducts — which transport bile from the liver to the gall bladder — are absent, causing bile to become trapped and built up, damaging the liver.

As he reached the age of 2 months, he had a bile drainage procedure in order to relieve the obstruction. However, the solution was ineffective. Jeremy’s only resort at this point was a liver transplant. A major operation could not take place until several months later as Jeremy was still not yet strong enough.

His liver condition got worse, his tummy grew bigger and bigger due to the build-up of fluids, and when he coughed, it could trigger bleeding and a trip to the intensive care unit,” said Jeremy’s mother, Maggie Yu. “When I found out that he needed a liver transplant, I cried and cried.”

Fortunately for Jeremy, his father, Guo Yang, 34, was a suitable donor. Continue reading