A son’s heartbeat brings two families healing

WDTN | Katie Ussin

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Two Ohio families are now one. They were brought together by a young man who dreamed of serving others, but ended up saving others.

“I’m really nervous,” said Shelby LaPine as she took a deep breath. “But, I’m excited. I’m excited. I’ve waited and prayed for this day since June 13, last year.”

She sits inside Wilmington Church of God; a mother waiting for a reunion of sorts. “This was the place where,” she paused. “The last time I hugged my son.”

Luke LaPine, 19, received his graduation bible here on a Sunday, and suffered a head injury on the job the next morning that would end his life four days later. Luke worked road construction for the county.

“He loved this church,” smiled Shelby through eyes welling with tears. “He really did.” Continue reading