Bedford Boy Needs Your Help To Receive Heart Transplant


(BEDFORD) - Volunteers are needed to assist a Bedford family to raise funds for a heart transplant for 4-year-old Cohen Austin.

Chris and Ashley Austin got the news that their son had a rare genetic disorder when Cohen was 2. He suffers from arthrogryposis Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome. The couple with their two other children learned to deal with the troubles and remained positive.

Then one morning in April 2014 they woke to find 4-year-old Cohen's lips and fingertips blue. He was taken to the doctor and tests showed Cohen had an enlarged heart. A pediatric cardiologist at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital told them Cohen has restrictive cardiomyopathy, the rarest of the five types.

Cohen is on medication to help with his pulmonary edema and has had a heart catheterization and test to measure lung pressure. Currently, his lung pressure reading is a 4. If that pressure increases to 6 or higher Cohen would need a Berlin Heart. A Berlin Heart is a tiny heart pump that maintains blood flow in babies and small children in heart failure. Continue reading