Conwy man's organ donation legacy

Daily Post UK | Tom Davidson

Last year Simon Williams of Penmaenmawr died at the age of just 34

Today marks one year since Simon Williams passed away and donated his organs to those in need.

The 34-year-old of Penmaenmawr died suddenly after a series of mini strokes on November 12.

He was a registered organ donor, with his kidneys, pancreas and liver used to save lives.

Now, with 18 days to go until the new “soft opt-out” system is introduced in Wales, Bev and Simon’s sister Manon Carter have spoken about how the decision helped the grieving process.

Bev said: “Simon had suffered from epilepsy for three years, and about three weeks before his death, I found him collapsed on the floor after suffering a brain aneurism.

“This was a huge shock, and we were all very worried about him. Continue reading