Donate Life Float: 2016 Floragraph Honoree: Connor Reid Eckhardt

Donate Life Float

Connor Eckhardt's charm, humor, charismatic personality, generosity and his love for God and his family left an undeniable imprint on every person he touched. Connor lived life all in with a heart wide open. He stayed active in outside sports and was a talented musician who shared his life through his music. During the final days of his life, Connor made the selfless decision to become an organ donor. His death was a heartbreaking tragedy for his family, that was only made better by the sight of the helicopters taking his organs to those who needed them. Connor lives on eternally in heaven with Christ, but he also lives on in the lives of four other people through his gift of life.

Connor is a Floragraph honoree on the 2016 Donate Life Rose Parade Float.


FriendJoanie said…
Connor was the grandson of my sophomore year roommate at Biola College. We have been saddened by his passing so young, especially because of the use of spice, a dangerous compound. Due to the tireless work of his parent, Devin and Veronica Eckhardt, his story and the dangers of spice use have been publicized. We were pleased to see Connor's floral tribute on the Treasure Life's Journey, Donate Life float.