Families of organ donors, recipients unite in Cincinnati

WLWT 5 | Andrew Setters

CINCINNATI - Families that have given the gift of life received a big thank you on Thursday.

LifeCenter brought together the families of organ donors with recipients to help share stories and spread the word about the need for organ donation.

The 13th annual Community Breakfast was held Thursday at the Cintas Center, a celebration of those who have made the decision to give life.

There is a tremendous need, both nationwide and in the Cincinnati area, for organ donors, officials said.

“Right now, we’ve got more than 600 people in the area who are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants,” Andi O’Malley of LifeCenter said. “Right now there are 120,000 people across the country waiting for a lifesaving organ donation, and every day 21 people die when that donation does not come through in time.” Continue reading