For 15-year-old, small intestine transplant could save life

KSL | Natalie Croft

PLEASANT GROVE — During the first ultrasound, doctors knew there was something wrong with Braeden Marshall's gut.

Part of his intestines never developed because of a condition called intestinal atresia, so he underwent surgery the day after he was born. For the past 15 years, Marshall has been dealing with the complications of missing most of his small intestine, which is required to absorb the nutrients and calories necessary to sustain life.

While Marshall has been using an IV line to send critical nutrients into his body, he is out of useable veins and running out of time. A complicated small intestine transplant is likely the only option left to save his life, so the Children's Organ Transplant Association is working with his family to make the surgery possible. They are holding a fundraising event in Pleasant Grove Saturday. Continue reading