Georgetown teen promotes organ donations

Georgetown Wicked | Bryan McGonigle

Samantha Newbury, middle, volunteers advocating for organ donor registration at driver education schools. Her father Stephen Newbury, left, suffered from polycystic kidney disease and her mother, Kelly Newbury,right, donated a kidney to save him. Courtesy Photo

Earlier this year, Georgetown High School student Samantha Newbury was dealing with a family medical crisis. Her father was suffering from polycystic kidney disease for years and, as the illness progressed, he needed a kidney transplant.

What happened in June was pretty much a miracle. Her mother, who was the first to be tested, turned out to be a perfect match for him. The odds of being a match are about 1 in 100,000.

Samantha's parents are both doing well -- something the Newbury family surely has to be thankful for this holiday season. But simply being grateful wasn't enough for Samantha. She decided to take her family's story and turn it into action. She has since become a tireless crusader for organ donations. Continue reading